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Big freezing rain storms that leave behind a coat of ice are called ice storms. Regions receiving such ice storms actually get transformed into beautiful land of breakable ice crystals. Though they are feasts to one’s eye, they can cause the deadliest damage too.When the ground temperature is below freezing point, even a light drizzle from passing warm air mass can produce one of the most disruptive winter storms. Falling rain freezes immediately upon touching the ground and turns the ground into a glittering layer of ice. 

ice storm

Streets and foot paths becoming sheets of ice can be quite deadly. Ice starts to form a coat both on trees and electric cables. Strong winds can also make the branches of trees bend. Most dangerous situation arises when the electrical wires sag due to the burden of ice and break leaving the region without heat or light for weeks together.

Transportation systems become the worst affected during ice storms. The maple sugar industry suffered a big loss when ice storms destroyed maple trees of Canada in the year 1998. It also took a very long time to restore power lines.


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