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Though believed by some as the strongest muscle of the body, tongue muscle is actually not so. But still it has lots of interesting facts about it. Muscles of tongue along with teeth control the way we speak. They are also the starting point of one of the most important activity - digestion. These muscles are the reason for the all round movement of our tongue. The taste buds or taste receptors present in the tongue helps identify different tastes.

The tongue muscle is made of many types of muscles – extrinsic and intrinsic. While some of these are attached to bones, others are not. These muscles work to help push the food to our back teeth so that it gets ground up. Saliva and tongue work together to break down the food to ease the process of digestion.


There is a mucous membrane coated over our tongue. This membrane covers tongue’s fat and muscle. This blocks the microbes and any bacteria trying to get into our digestive system. Tongue is also an indicator of sickness. A coated tongue indicates sickness like constipation or dehydration. That’s why a doctor examines our tongue when we fall sick.

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