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Coot is a dark gray duck like bird. Water birds normally swim or wade but there are a number of species that moves walking on water. One such bird is the coot. They can be seen across the wetlands of Eurasia and North America. Wetlands constitute a combination of shallow water and soggy soil. Most of the animals and birds living on the wetlands are adapted to a semi-aquatic life with many special traits.

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They have exceptionally long toes and toenails which help them spread their weight and keep their balance. They have outsized feet with flap like lobes along the toes. To rise from water, they beat their wings and feet with great vigor to build up speed and then scurry over the surface.

These birds are omnivorous that feeds both on plants, seeds, grasses, algae, insects, fish, worms, snails and many more. Coots can graze on land as well as dive under water.

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