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Remote control is an electronic device that helps a user to operate an electronic devise such as a television set, music system or other home appliance within a short distance. It mainly offers convenience to the consumer. More advanced remote controls find application in industrial and military purposes and ensure safety to the operator.

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In Industry, remote controls are used for controlling operations of pumping stations, electric stations and HVDC plants. For these purposes, programmable Logic Control (PLC) systems are used. These types of remote controls works in the long wave range.
In developed countries and modern houses, remote controls are widely used for operations of garage and gate controls. These devises are used for operating and controlling movement of gate and garage doors.

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Remote control based operations in military helps to operate various equipment safely from a much longer distance. Remote controllers are used for jamming and anti-jamming purposes. Satellite controlled remote controllers are used for operating unmanned airplanes or drones. It is also used for firing explosives or to detonate bombs in operations against insurgents and terrorists.

Many satellites and even space operations are controlled via remote controls. Long distance between the satellite and the ground control rooms often results in delay in proper communication.

Remote controls are widely used in toys, video game consoles and play stations. Toy airplanes and vehicles are controlled through various types of remote controls.

Infrared remote controls are used to operate PC applications. Wireless mouse is an example. Many top end cameras used in photography and film shooting respond to remote control signals. Sometimes cell phones and other mobile devises are used in place of remote controls.

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