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Certain types of rodents live their lives both on the ground as well as underground. They dig their shelter as deep as 10 feet. They carry out their day to day activities either at the surface or inside their burrows. Usually the main tunnel has side branches that open into rooms used for different purposes. When unwelcome visitors enter their shelter, they abandon their homes building new ones at a different place.

Susliks are one such kind of rodents. These are small European ground squirrels that live in colonies.  There are about 13 species of Eurasian ground squirrels belonging to the same kind. From central Europe to southern Siberia is the territory of Suslik. They are not strict vegetarians and feed mainly on small birds, mice, and insects as well as on plants at times.

suslik tunnel

From the main tunnel branches the nesting chambers, toilet chambers, tunnels for refuge in case of flooding. There may also be special chambers like nursing chamber for mother and her infants. Living in colonies has got many advantages. Most important benefits include an efficient warning system and availability of mates.

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