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Hypertension is often termed as a silent killer as it leads to severe health problems without any signs and symptoms.  Cardio vascular problems are the major health problems caused by hypertension. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), one in three adults across the globe has hypertension. The major diseases caused by hypertension are mentioned below.

Coronary Artery Disease is the most common outcome of hypertension. Arteries become narrow due to fat deposits. Persistent high blood pressure increases the force against the artery walls leading to damages. Failure of arteries to perform normal functions increases the risk for stroke and heart attack

Brain Stroke happens when the blood flow to a particular part of brain stops and cells in that portion get damaged.  This irreversible damage leads to either a stroke or paralysis of a part of the body.  Uncontrolled hypertension also leads to weakening of blood vessels in the brain making them susceptible to fatal bursting or hemorrhage. 

Loss of Vision is another byproduct. It is called Hypertensive retinopathy and occurs when the blood vessels of the retina are damaged due to high blood pressure. Sometimes, the consequence appears in the form of headache or blurring vision.  This situation is not as frequent as heart attack or stroke. 

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The second major reason for Kidney Failure, after diabetes, is hypertension. In some patients, it becomes difficult to identify the root cause, which occurred first. Blood pressure has a direct bearing on the health of kidneys. An imbalance in any of the two will have serious effect on the other. Hypertension damages the large arteries leading to kidney and as well as vessels within the kidney, thus damaging kidney and kidney vessels. Once the blood vessels of the kidneys get damaged, elimination of wastes and extra fluids becomes difficult. Renal hypertension, kidney scarring and kidney artery aneurysm are some other consequences. Kidney artery aneurysm is a situation that weakens the artery walls. 

Erectile Dysfunction that affects sex life is another side effect. Hypertension can damage blood vessels in any part of the body, including the ones that supply blood to penis. Erection is caused by flow of blood. Damaged vessels affect proper flow of blood making it difficult to achieve and maintain an erection. In women too reduced blood flow to vagina leads to failure of sexual desire. What are the causes for hypertension during treatment for blood pressure?

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