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Eyeglasses or sunglasses that darken when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiations are known as photochromatic glasses. Photochromatic glasses are also known as photochromic glasses.

Photochomatic or photochromic glasses are widely used because of  certain conveniences and advantages they offer. 

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•    As season changes to spring, sun exposure and intensity of light increase. It is difficult to have different pairs of glasses to suit different seasons. Photochromatic glasses adjust according to the intensity of sunlight and UV rays present in it. So just one pair of glasses woks for all seasons.

•    Photochromatic glasses darken quickly in response to the presence of ultraviolet light. They darken substantially in around half a minute and then slowly fine tunes within the next couple of minutes. 

•    Photochromatic glasses are ideal for those who have to switch duties between indoor and outdoor frequently. The photochromatic glasses automatically adjust according to the high or low brightness. Thus provides the required protection for eyes without switching glasses. 

•    Photochromatic glasses are available with various powers to suit the prescriptions.

•    Photochromatic or photochromic glasses offer 100% protection against ultraviolet rays

•    Photochromic glasses serve the purpose of sunglasses when exposed to ultraviolet rays and acts as clear glasses in the absence of ultraviolet rays. 

Thus Photochromatic or photochromic glasses offer better convenience and comfort and reduce eyestrain. 

What are photochromatic or photochromic glasses?


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