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Paint is basically made from chemical compounds. It is more than just the mere color we see. It is a material that we apply as liquid and dries to become a solid. It basically consists of pigment, resin, solvent and additives. Pigments provide color; resin holds the pigment particles together, solvent acts as a carrier for pigments and resin. Solvents may be organic or water. Additives enhance its properties like ease of brushing etc.




Today people seek paints that are less harmful to the children and elders. Paints have a ‘VOC’ marking on them. ‘VOC’ stands for volatile organic compounds. Once the paint is applied on the walls, these volatile organic compounds are released into the air. This happens when the wall dries and then after a period as well, affecting the health of elderly and children.  Therefore the house owners look for a ‘low’ or ‘no’ VOC paint options.


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There are two kinds of paints – waterborne and solvent borne paints. Water in the waterborne paints evaporates the resin and the pigment particles get closer and closer together. They start to touch one another. When they touch, they fuse together into a thick solid. In the solvent borne paints, when the solvent evaporates lacquer is formed. The resin reacts with oxygen from the atmosphere and forms a hard coating.




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