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Natural gas is a fossil fuel and is a non renewable resource that cannot be replenished as and when it gets used up. It gets formed from the buried plants and animals over thousands of years. It is also drawn from gas wells or in conjunction with petroleum extraction. Depth at which natural gas is located varies from 1000 meters to several kilometers. It contains methane in large proportion (around 70-80%) and traces of other gases like ethane, propane, butane and nitrogen. It is lighter than air and cheaper too.


natural gas

Natural gas can be pressurized and compressed to reduce its volume. CNG (compressed natural gas) is used as a motor fuel instead of petroleum products. It is also used in its liquid form as a source of energy. LNG (liquefied natural gas) is easy to store and transport. Its main uses include cooking, electricity generation. Natural gas is also used as a chemical in the manufacture of plastics and few organic compounds. When it burns, it releases 25% lesser greenhouse gases and pollutants (sulfur, carbon, nitrogen) into the atmosphere than burning oil does.


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