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Every man gets to have two sets of teeth given by nature during his lifetime. Development of primary or the first set of teeth happens when the baby is in the mother’s womb. When he is a child, the set of teeth is called the ‘milk teeth’ (because of their pearly white color) which starts to fall by the age of six. Then the permanent or secondary teeth begin to grow.



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By the age of 3, about 20 teeth come in. They generally start to fall in the order they grow. The middle one in the lower jaw appears first and it also becomes the first to fall. The baby tooth starts to shake only when the permanent tooth gets ready to grow from below. A child has about 20 primary teeth and an adult has about 32 permanent teeth.





A tooth has a visible white part called the crown and an invisible root that extends it below the gum and holds it firmly anchoring it into the bone. The structure of it includes enamel, dentine and pulp. Enamel is the strongest part of our entire human body and is transparent. A soft tissue behind the enamel called dentine is actually responsible for the color of the teeth – whitish, half-white or yellowish. There is a pulp deep inside the tooth which is filled with nerves and blood vessels.


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