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You would have noticed that the magnifying glass is very thick at the centre. A magnifying glass is a two-sided convex lens. The lens bends the light rays of the object that is viewed through it and widens in order to make the object appear larger. More the curvature of convex lens, greater is its ability to magnify the object.


magnifying glass 3

The lens converges the light at an angle and forms an inverted image at its focal point. Then collects light from a wide area and converges it to a sharp and bright.


magnifying glass

When you hold a magnifying glass out and view a distant object with it, the item appears smaller and upside down. This effect is due to the image being beyond the focus of the lens.


magnifying glass 2

Microscopes are devices that magnify minute things that are too small to be seen with our eyes. Binoculars and telescopes are devices that make far away things appear nearer and look bigger.  All these devices also use convex lens to enlarge the image of the object.



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