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We brush our teeth everyday to keep them clean and healthy. Toothpastes generally contain mixture of abrasive, fluorides, detergent, thickener, moisturizer, water and few additives. Brushing properly with the application of tooth paste helps fight cavities and plaque, stop plaque becoming tartar and keep the gums healthy.


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Abrasives help remove stains caused due to tobacco, caffeine etc. Fluorides help prevent tooth decay. Too much of which when swallowed can prove harmful which is why toothpastes for kids come with very minimal or no fluorides. Plaque is nothing but a sticky substance that forms on the teeth which when not removed would slowly erode the hard outer covering of the tooth called tooth’s enamel. It also slowly turns into a substance called tartar. Tartar is a hard substance that absorbs stains that makes the teeth appear brown and can also cause inflamed gums resulting in loss of teeth. Detergents clean the teeth by scrubbing away the food particles hidden in the teeth. Water and moisturizer keeps the paste from drying out. Additives are added to improve the color, texture and flavor of toothpastes.


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