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 A shrew is a mouse-size or even smaller mammal with a long pointed snout and a mouthful of sharp teeth.Though tiny, Shrew is the hungriest animal.They have spike like teeth and are more close to moles rather than mouse. They are active predators who live mostly on insects and worms. They live in different types of ecosystems – forests, grasslands, rainforests or any landmass. Most shrews live on land while some species can also live on trees.

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A shrew must eat several times its own weight everyday in order to keep up with its high metabolic rate. Its metabolism works so fast that its heartbeat sometimes goes as high as 1,200 per minute. 

Shrews have excellent sense of smell and hearing but poor eyesight. Their smelling and hearing sense helps them locate food and avoid dangers. They can be rarely venomous too. They are also farmer friendly as they help them by destroying the insects that harm the worm.

In terms of amount of food consumed, great whales are known to lead the list. The blue whales consume about 8 tons of their most liked food especially the krills. With respect to the size of the whale this amount is only about 4% of the whale’s total weight. This cannot be compared to the proportion consumed by the voracious shrew. A shrew has to consume at least 80-90% of its own body weight. Elephants are also big eaters who consume about 300 – 500 pounds a day. If the food consumed is nutritious, they may even go about with just 100-150 pounds a day.


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