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Obesity is a physical condition in which human body amasses body fat beyond normal levels. Obesity is often the root cause for many diseases. It is a well-known fact that obese people are more prone to heart attack.  The chances of heart attack are more in obese people even if blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar are normal. 

Heart is susceptible to blockages. Fat has vital role in the negative impact in the normal functioning of heart and muscles. When a person is obese, the fat in the body especially that around the belly, exerts great pressure on the internal organs. The fat pushes the organs and the diaphragm at the bottom of lungs upward towards the chest. This presses down the heart and adds pressure on the heart. 

Accumulation of fat inside blood vessels makes it rough causing heart to work hard to retain the same level of blood circulation. With obesity, size of the body too increases. The heart has to meet the requirement of a larger body. The extra work makes the muscles of heart thicker and tougher. This leads to severe complications like congestive heart failure and fatal heart attacks.

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As mentioned above, the abdominal fat pushes the diaphragm upwards leaving lesser space for lungs to expand.  This crushes the lungs and leads to breathlessness. Thus obesity causes a huge damage to the normal functioning of lungs. The less space of lungs makes obese people feel dizzy after work due to lack of sufficient oxygen availability. 

The presence of excessive fat in the body along with fat in and around the soft tissue of the neck leads to obstructive sleep apnoea. While the fat in the belly presses the lungs, the fat around the neck presses down the windpipe (airway).  The outcome of these two actions is the difficulty to breath in a lying position. 

The obesity reduces one’s ability to think clearly and make good decisions too. A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon university revealed that the brain of obese people works harder than people of normal weight.  It is also revealed that the parts of brain responsible decision making and memory in obese people are hyperactive.  Obese people are more prone to inflammation and high blood pressure that affects the communication system of brain. The lack of communication is worse in areas that control impulsive behavior. 

The excess body weight on account of accumulated body fat makes heart beat faster and lungs overwork.  Along with this, the failure of other body organs too leads to a fatal medical condition.  Thus obese people are always at a risk of suffering from a heart attack.  What is obesity?

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