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Earthworms are burrowing creatures that can be compared to a living plough. These so called soil makers were first studied by the great scientist Charles Darwin. There are more than about 2000 species of earthworms across the globe. It is the most well known annelids. They play a very important role in enriching soil and improving its texture.


The action of ploughing is achieved by eating their way through the soil. They can digest soil, its content like dead leaves and any other organic material that comes along their way. This way they constantly mix and loosen the upper layer of soil. This further leads to constant air penetration and water percolation through the soil. On an area of about one acre the earth worms are capable of bringing about 18 tons of subsoil to the surface every year. The worm’s droppings also help to enrich the soil thus making the soil healthy for the survival of plants.

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