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The fictional Sherlock Holmes series have always been interesting. No one would want to put down the book until one finds out how Sherlock Holmes cracks the case. Well, he uses nothing but science and forensics to solve a case.


Forensic science is one interesting branch of science. It is a technique used to identify persons who commit illegal crimes and convicted in the court with unquestionable evidence. It deals widely with collecting scientific evidence of incidents that happened in the past. As scientific evidences are more reliable than the circumstantial evidence, their results are used to assist in criminal investigations and court proceedings.


forensic science

Forensic Science uses many branches of science like physics, chemistry and biology. Forensic team consists of experts (scientists) who collect each and every small piece of evidence and analyze them in the corresponding laboratory. Evidence may include fingerprints, foot prints, DNA samples, blood samples, hairs etc. In fact from the fingerprints, they can analyze how old it is, as long as they are no more than 15 days old. The team is also expert in analyzing the behavior, blood splatters, movement of objects in the crime scene and many more activities. There are field officers and lab officers who collect evidences and test the same respectively. There are also other people who examine the firearms used, documents found at the scene, tool marks (distinctive marks left by tools), trace evidences etc.


There are lots of academies of forensic sciences with various branches of study. They include criminalistics, engineering sciences, toxicology and many more. Forensic scientists have a stressful job indeed.


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