Why are some eatables sour in taste and some bitter?« Back to Questions List

Food tastes differently for different people. While some love spicy food others prefer otherwise. There are cells in our tongue that make up the taste buds. These sense the taste of food. Some people have very high concentration of the taste receptor cells while some others don’t. That’s why everyone does not like the same food.




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A lot of substances that we eat or drink everyday like curd, fruit juices (lemon and orange) and substances used for salad dressing like vinegar etc is sour. This is because all these substances contain acids called natural acids. Fruits like lemon and orange contain citric acid, vinegar contains acetic acid, tamarind, grapes, pickled vegetables and unripe mangoes contain tartaric acid. Sour taste is due to their acidic nature.


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Substances like baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and antacids like calcium carbonate that help neutralize stomach acids are bases. Bases are generally bitter in taste.



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Both acids and bases are important for our survival. Acids and bases neutralize each other and are regulated by the blood in our body.


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