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Slaughter for hides and meat have resulted in unregulated killing of wildlife which has in turn affected the eco system. International agreements have been made in protecting endangered species. Many countries have agreed to stop trade in the hides of threatened species such as cheetah and snow leopard. There has also been an international agreement to stop hunting of whales.


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Private organizations such as the world wildlife fund (WWF) and the international union for conservation of nature and natural resources (IUCN) also work to protect wildlife. Their activities range from establishing parks, reservations to breeding wild animals in captivity. Of all things educating the public is all-important.


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With protection from poachers and maintenance of their habitat, the animals gradually increase in numbers. Individuals can take efforts to protect wildlife in many ways. Today chirping sound of sparrows is hardly heard anywhere. They can be brought back by simply allocating a place in the backyard for the purpose of bird feeding. One can also join forces in supporting organizations that are devoted to the preservation of nature and of all the wild creatures with whom we share our habitat.





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