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Desert storms are violent winds which cause flashfloods. Flashfloods are sudden flooding of low lying areas. Desert travelers can also be affected by desert storms without rain. Fierce winds blowing across these lands sometimes whip up sand and dust storms that last for days at a time. Chocking clouds of dust blot out the light of the sun, and sand piles up in drifts that make roads impassable. Windshields are sandblasted into sheets of frosted glass, and paint is eaten away entirely.

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Even in the driest of deserts, some rain usually falls from time to time. Desert storms are conditions that may result in rain. It sometimes causes good results by transforming the deserts into colorful tapestries of short-lived wildflowers. On the other hand, it might also cause flashfloods as the desert sand cannot absorb water quickly. That’s why heavy rains cause flood situation.



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