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It is difficult for us to imagine that plants eat creatures. Yes, but Carnivorous plants have existed in this planet for thousands of years. These kinds of plants first attract, capture, kill and finally digest insects or other creatures. The ‘Venus Flytrap’ is one such carnivorous plant.

This plant is found in the wild, in the region along the coast of North and South Carolina. When plants can survive utilizing sun rays and water from soil, why do these plants eat insects etc? Like other plants, these carnivorous plants also meet their needs through the process of photosynthesis. In spite of it, they are carnivorous in nature because of the wet spongy acidic soil substrate in which they grow. In such mire, they don’t get enough minerals and other nutrients.

carnivorous plant- venus fly trap      carnivorous plant- venus flytrap 1

Normal plants cannot survive in such soil and hence the carnivorous plants have developed the ability to survive by finding an alternate means of getting key nutrients like nitrogen. Living creatures like insects provide a good source of the nutrients missing from the soil, and they also contain additional energy-laden carbohydrates.

The Venus Flytrap completes the entire process right from attracting to digesting insects by way of a specialized set of leaves that is both mouth and stomach in one. Their appetite is not that voracious limiting to two or three small insects (such as a housefly) per month.


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