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There are certain materials that can produce electricity from heat. These are called thermoelectric materials which were discovered by German physicist Thomas Seebeck.

New technology is being developed to make the cars of the future less reliable on the use of fossil fuels. The whole idea behind this future technology is to utilize the heat energy dissipated from the car. Heat is generated in the car radiators, engines and biggest source of this wasted heat is from the exhaust. This exhaust could be re-circulated in order to trap the heat and use thermoelectric devices to convert it into electricity.




The electricity generated could be used to power the car’s electrical systems. This technology would be most useful when applied to hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are those fitted with a petrol or diesel engine along with an electric motor. Basically it is a car with two or more power sources. Electric bicycles, electric scooters and electric cars are hybrid vehicles. So for such vehicles, producing electricity from exhaust can be used to charge the battery that run the electric motor and reduce the amount of time required to recharge those batteries., the complete site for children.

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