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Bee wax is a mixture of several compounds and is basically used by the bees in making foundations for their honeycomb. A honeybee produces wax on the underside of its abdomen. The bee scrapes off the wax with its legs, then chews it up to make it soft and easy to mold into the six-sided cells of the comb. The shape of the cells is most efficient in terms of space. Wax combs contain both cells for storing honey and cells where eggs are laid and the larvae develop into adults. Though beekeepers use various methods to keep honey and brood combs separate, in nature the same comb serves both purposes.

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Wax from the brood comb of the honey bee hive tends to be darker than wax from the honeycomb. Bee wax is widely used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry. It is used in lip balm, lip gloss, moisturizers, eye shadow and eye liners. It is also one of components used in shoe polish and furniture polish.



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