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God has gifted not only humans but also animals with different capabilities. Some of them are very clever and intelligent. A parrot can imitate human speech. Some birds have a huge repertory of songs of other birds. They can mimic man made sounds too. Crows and pigeons have a limited ability to count. Crows place the nuts on the streets for the passing car to break open. Pigeons are also smart ones that can recognize images even after several years.


There are some artists who can entertain human especially children. Dolphins, whales and crocodiles are capable of learning many routines to attract their audiences. Dolphins have been found to be more intelligent than man through scientific experiments. They are skilled in finding out whether two objects are of different sizes and shapes or not. Some claim that they can imitate human speech.Octopuses have also been found to have impressive qualities too. They can even solve mazes.

Though elephants, horses, pigs, dogs and cats are considered intelligent, chimpanzees are known to top the list of smart animals. In the forests they use sticks as weapons and in captivity they learn tricks readily. They can reason well enough to pile up boxes or arrange sticks in order to reach heights. Chimpanzees have also been taught to communicate with their trainers in sign language. Intelligent and Clever Animals and Birds


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