It was an angel

A few months ago my grandfather woke up complaining of chest pains, so my grandmother rushed him to the hospital. Waiting to hear the results was long, and dreadful. When the doctor came to tell us ""A Heart Attack"" we knew this wasn`t going to be easy. After many tests were done the conclusion came that he would have to have five way open- heart surgery.


That night I left the hospital, I knew this was not good, not only was he diabetic, but his kidneys were trying to shut down, how would he ever handle a surgery so major? The family sat down with him and told him it was his choice. After talking with the doctors he had made up his mind to go through with it.


The day before his surgery I was driving home, as I stopped in the driveway I prayed to God. ""Just please be with him, keep him safe, and make him healthy, I asked, please don`t take him away from me…"" for he is the greatest man in my life. As I sat there with my windows rolled down, I looked over in my passenger seat and saw a beautiful butterfly sitting there moving it`s tiny wings. I reached over and put my finger out, as the butterfly touched my hand, I started to cry even harder, it was then that I knew God heard me and that was his way of letting me know everything was going to be okay.


That night the doctors came in and said ""we have good news."" After looking deeper into his test results, they felt five way surgery would not be necessary, they claimed that three stints would fix the damage. As we all sat there looking around in total surprise, we knew we had just been blessed. Grandpa made it through just fine with the procedure, and was able to come home the next day. I now know that the butterfly I met was an angel sent to comfort me..!


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