There is always a time and place for everything

The teachers, class mates, Principal, his parents, and just about everyone who knew Donald always had to keep telling him to be quiet. He was always playing in class and distracting the other students. The teacher would often place him at the back of the class, away from everyone else, but he always found a way to be annoying.


Whenever he went to church, he would run through the halls, and would oftentimes bump into the Pastor who would keep telling him that church is a place where children are supposed to keep quiet and not run around. As soon as the Pastor walked off, he would begin running again.


It was fine with Donald when it was play time at school, because he was very good at playing. He would not wait his turn though, and would try to skip ahead of everyone else. The other students would call the attention of the teacher whenever they did that he would run off before the teacher appeared.


One day during lunch, the aquarium by the Principal’s office broke and fish and water was all over the floor. The Principal had called the janitor to come and wipe the mess before the students came back from lunch. When they got back, the glass and fishes were gone, but the floor was still wet. They placed a ‘wet floor’ sign at the entrance of the hall and told the students to walk carefully. Donald started to run and slide on the wet floor as soon as he passed the teacher at the door. Before anyone could stop him, he slid and crashed into the wall right outside the Principal’s office. He bumped his head so hard he had to be taken to the nurse. He was given some medicine for the pain, but he had to stay in the nurse’s station for the rest of the day. When he got out he had a swelling on his forehead and his head was all bandaged up. He had to walk slowly now or his head would hurt more. The teacher had called his parents so they came to collect him. They had never seen Donald walk so slowly before, so they knew he must have hit his head really hard.


From that day, even though Donald still ran around a lot, he especially remembered that day he hit his head on the wall because he was not  more careful.


There is always a time and a place for everything. Do not wait until something bad happens for you to listen. Respect the different places, and behave appropriately.


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