Always think of the less fortunate people than you.

Millie was always complaining about the fact that she had too little shoes. She wanted more, but her parents kept insisting that she had enough and they would not spend any more money to buy more shoes for her. She would just have to do with the few that she had. By her count, Millie had seven pairs of shoes, but she had grown tired of them all, so now it felt as if she did not  have any.


less fortunate


There was a school fair coming up and she kept nagging her parents to get her the pair of fancy shoes that she saw in the department store. Try as she might she could not get them to, and the fair was too close for her to save towards it. She felt very sad that she would not have the shoes she wanted, but she would have to wear one of the pairs she already had.



The day of the fair, she dressed up in her fancy clothes and was walking along when she ran into Susie. She decided to walk with her and along the way she saw that Susie was wearing the same pair of shoes that she wore to school every day. Millie asked her why she was wearing the same shoes and she told her that it was the only pair of shoes she had. Millie suddenly felt bad. She had been nagging her parents for another pair when she already had so much, and here Susie only had one, and it did not  seem to bother her.



less fortunate 2


She invited Susie to her house the following day, and asked her parents’ permission to give her one of her pairs of shoes.  Susie thanked her a lot and skipped home to show her mother what she had received.


Always be grateful for what you have because there are others who have far less than you. Always think of the less fortunate people than you. This will make you be satisfied with whatever you have.

By  YesJay


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