Always show kindness

Aminah  had been in a car accident that had left her face scarred on her left cheek. She hated looking in the mirror because she felt ugly. At school was even worse. No one would sit with her and this made Aminah very sad. Every time she would hear other children passing by, she would hide her face from them.


Adiba lived across the way from Aminah. Aminah would see her with her friends all the time and she would feel jealous of them. She was always afraid to say “Hi” because she was afraid they would be unkind to her. Adiba would always look at her and laugh and point at her scars. This made Aminah feel really terrible and she would often hide in her garden and cry.

One day Adiba went to school and forgot her lunch on the dining table. She had rushed outside and only remembered it when she arrived at school. It was too far to go back for it now. She told herself she would ask her friends for some of their lunch. When lunch time came, and Adiba asked her friends for some of their lunch, no one would share with her. She was very hungry so she sat in a corner and started to cry.

Aminah saw her crying and went over to her and timidly asked her, “Is something wrong Adiba?” Adiba sniffed and told her she did not have any lunch and she was very hungry. Aminah told her she would share some of hers with her.


“Thank you Aminah.” They went to the table where Aminah always sat alone, and Aminah broke her bread and shared it with her along with some of her juice. From that day on, the two have remained friends, and Adiba was no longer ashamed to be seen with Aminah because she had shown her more kindness than all her other friends did.

Always show kindness to others because you never know when you will want kindness in return. Sometimes it is the person we are least kind to that always show more kindness to us.

                                                                                                           By  Kerry Ann Stewart



Kindness should not be selective- Thought 4 Children

Kindness is a good virtue, but please keep a limit.

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