Always be kind, and it will come back to you

Mother was always warning Preeta that she should show more compassion for others. Preeta was always mean to others and animals. She wouldn’t share her toys and she wouldn’t even play with some of the other children because they had ugly looking clothes. When it came to animals, she would hold them by their tails and throw them into the bush, or she would stomp on the smaller ones. Her mother was worried that if her daughter continued like this, she would grow up to be an evil woman. She prayed to the Lord about it and asked him to help her daughter to be more compassionate and loving.


One day Preeta was playing with her dolls. One of the little girls walked over and took one up and started playing with it. Preeta got angry and attempted to pull the doll from the little girl’s hands. The little girl held on and they pulled back and forth and all the while Preeta was screaming for her to let go. This continued for a couple of seconds until the doll was torn in two. Preeta was so upset she grabbed the little girl by her hair and pulled it hard. The little girl screamed and Preeta’s mother rushed out to see what the matter was. When she saw what was happening she pulled Preeta away and told her to stay in her room for the rest of the day. She smoothed the little girl’s hair until she was feeling better and then sent her home.


be kind 3- attemptNwin


The very next day Preeta was at school and got a tummy ache after lunch. She felt so sick she started sweating and feeling like she was about to faint. She told the teacher and she told her to go home, but she would need some company. No one wanted to go with her, so she laid her head on the desk and hoped she would feel a bit better. When she woke up her teacher was standing above her, asking if she was alright. She told her no, and the teacher told her that she would have to call her Mother since there was no one to take her home. Preeta felt bad that no one would help her, even though she was ill.


She was still a bit mean after that, but she always remembered that day when no one wanted to help her.

be kind

Be forgiving to others, because you never know when you will want the same shown to you. Always be kind, and it will always come back to you.






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