Always be happy to take calculated risks.

Peter had always wanted to own a bicycle. He would sit on his front steps and watch as the other children rode past him. He thought it must be an exciting and fun thing to do, so he kept asking his parents to get him a bicycle. On his birthday, imagine his surprise when the parcel came and he realised he had gotten his wish. His parents had bought him a brand new bicycle.


He immediately took it into the back yard and jumped onto the seat, half expecting it to move by itself. He sat upright and held onto the handle bars, but he was so frightened when he felt the bicycle toppling over. He had not even gotten a chance to start pedalling. He tried several times to ride it, but he would keep falling off before he even moved. His hands and feet were getting bruised from falling so much, and so finally he gave up and wheeled the bicycle to the corner of the house and left it there.


Father saw Peter come inside the house with a frown on his face. He asked him what the problem was, and why he was so sad on his birthday. He told his father that he had always wanted a bicycle and now that he had it, he couldn’t ride it. Father laughed and told him that riding a bicycle is not as easy as it looks, but once he learned it, he would never forget. He told Peter that he would help him to ride it. Peter looked at the bruises and told his father he did not want to ride it. However, every day he would see the other children with theirs, so he finally decided to ask father to teach him. For a week, father held the seat steady while Peter got on, and helped him to pedal. Sometimes when he would let go Peter would crash into the gate, but he kept trying anyway. He was happy with his progress and soon he was able to ride it all by himself.


He was very happy when he could join the other boys when they went riding. Whenever he rode past his house he would ring his bell for his father who had taught him how to ride his bicycle.


risk 1


Never be afraid to take risks. There are only two consequences from attempting to take a risk; if you succeed then you will be happy, but if you fail, then you will be wise. Sometimes the attempt can cause bruises, but more times than not, the rewards are worth the risk.



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