All about winning..

It was games day and Amar was a bit nervous. He has wanted the trophy for the fastest boy in school for a long while. Every time that he tried he would be beaten by about three other boys. This meant that Amar never got a medal for either the first, second or third place. Amar always dreamt of winning ,but  Navin was the one who always came first.


Every day he would walk past the trophy case and dream of when he would see his name on the one marked ‘first place’. He was determined to prove himself this year and win the trophy. Every day after school he would practise his running, until he felt as if he was good enough to win. Now that games day was here Amar felt so nervous you could see his hands shaking, and if you could, you would feel his heart racing too.


The runners were called to the starting line. They were supposed to run around the field twice and whoever came through the blue ribbon first would be the winner. Everyone got on their marks and raced off as soon as they heard ‘GO!’Amar ran off as fast as he could, breathing hard and flying with the wind. He looked ahead and saw three boys in front, including Navin. He began to go faster and passed two of them. Now he was in second place and they had a half lap to go.

Amar could feel his chest burning but he was determined to win. Just as he got close to Navin, he suddenly stepped over in Amar’s lane and tripped him. Amar fell through the finish line but Navin went through before him. Amar came second again, but someone had seen what Navin did.


The officials met and talked about it, and they decided that Navin had cheated, so they gave the win to Amar. Amar felt so excited that day he ran all the way home and told his mother what had happened. She hugged him and told him she was very proud of him. Amar was proud of himself too because he had worked hard.

The next day he was even more proud to see his name on the trophy for first place.

Sometimes the persons who win do not deserve to. You do not win does not mean you are a looser. Hard work always pays off in the end.


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