Do not be afraid of the unknown

Boys are always climbing trees, digging holes, discovering new things. Of course, this means that they are always dirty, they sometimes get lost, they will get hives and some will even wind up at the hospital because they would eat poisonous berries some of the times. Their parents always said that boys would be boys, all except for Ranjeet.




Ranjeet was never like regular boys. He would watch the other boys go off hunting and wish that he could go with them, but for some reason he never did. He would stay in his tree house and watch them go exploring, and they would come back with all kinds of cool things. One time he saw one boy take back some animal fossil that he swore up and down was from a dinosaur. Sometimes they would have some strange shaped rocks and plants.


Ranjeet grew envious that he never discovered anything, and this would make him sad. He always wanted to go, but he was just afraid to go anywhere because he didn’t want anything to happen to him. He tried many times, but his feet would never take him far enough. One day some of the other boys begged him to come along. He was eager and excited, but still afraid. Some of them held onto him and pulled him into the forest with them. He struggled at first, but when he was really there he was amazed. He began running all over, touching and tasting and feeling everything. One of the older boys had to pull him away before he bit into a poisonous berry. His excitement grew the further he went. By the time they were ready to leave, he did not want to go back. They promised they would come back the next day and that was when he finally agreed.


He came back every day after that. Sure he got hives and was stung by bees, but he never stopped going, and he was glad he did.


Do not be afraid of the unknown; it is the only place discoveries will be made. Do not be discouraged to venture out. You might get stung and bitten, but you would have learnt a lot more, and the education is priceless.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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