Activities controlled by left and right part of the brain

We have learned that our brain controls all our activities with the help of neurons. This brain is a more complex organ which has got two parts – the left and the right hemisphere. Both the parts communicate to each other through what is called corpus collosum. It is a thick band of nerves that connects the brain cells in one part to the cells in another. An interesting fact is that the right hemisphere controls the left side of our body and left hemisphere controls the right side of our body.

brain 2

You will also be surprised to learn that some brain functions occur in left and some in the right. There are also activities that are actually the strongest when both parts work together. Both the left and right have different ways of thinking. The right part works by looking at the picture than the details and the left one works in analytical and sequential way. As per the left-right brain theory, right brain controls most of the creative or expressive tasks like expression of emotions, recognition of faces, art, music, intuition, creativity etc. The left part is more involved in logical reasoning, mathematical abilities, language and thinking. 

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The right hemisphere controls the artistic abilities of a person and the left makes a person to be more logical, precise and controlled. The brain type tends to have an effect on your skills and habits.  Recent research suggests that both sides work essentially equal in their activity. Though both hemispheres have a control on different activities, it is not necessary that a person should possess a stronger left or right sided brain network. 

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One must always try to keep the brain active. Keeping it active, one must learn about his own strengths and weakness. This would help improve one’s skills and overcome one’s weakness.


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