is the website meant for YOU.

For us YOU

·        Belong to  a Group of Kids, Children, Parents, Students or Teachers

·        Value Positive Attitude, Knowledge and Awareness

·        Desire  to Gather and Refresh Knowledge and Awareness

·        Want Your Kids and Children  to Inquire, Innovate and Cause Changes

·        Wish Your Children to Grow up as Socially Committed Individuals with Positive Thinking and Care For Others.  

·         Aspire to Bring Out the Leader in Your Child


How can attemptNwin be of Support to YOU?


·        Tries to Bring Out the Leader in Children by Sowing the Seeds to Inquire, Innovate and Be Creative

·        Extends Support in Character Formation and Development of Personal Qualities

·        Provides a Platform for Creation of Awareness and Refreshing Knowledge. This is Applicable for Children and Those Who Want To Remain as Children by Continuously Refreshing   Awareness and Gathering Knowledge.

The above three points are the basis of our mission. 


What can YOU Expect from AttemptNWin?

Success is the result of hard work and continuous attempts. Hence “Attempt” and “Win” combine to form “attemptNwin” .

Articles in contains topics on moral stories, motivation, positive thinking, success,  science, general awareness and  questions and answers on these  topics. Topics highlight fundamentals of science principles, courage, simplicity, tolerance, fair play, healthy competition, compassion, hard work, team work, handling success and respect and so on. 

Our Motto

Attitude, Awareness and Knowledge Create Successful Leaders.  

For Winners, Attempt is a Habit and Success is the Fruit of Hard Work.