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Know stress and manage stress to have an enjoyable life

We are proud that we are living in a modern era. But modern life carries certain byproducts like targets, obstructions, tensions and stresses.  Every day, we face different kinds of challenges and demands.  How our body reacts to such a situation is termed as stress. Our body releases different kinds of hormones to face a

Climate and Weather: Difference between the two terms

Many people often get confused while using the two words climate and weather. What exactly is the difference between the two terms? Weather stands for the state of the atmosphere for a short period at a specific place. But, climate is the weather pattern for a longer period.    We have seen weather forecasts in

Fed Rate Hike: Impacts on the US citizens and other countries

Speculation for more than a year has now ended with the Federal Open Market Committee deciding to increase Fed Rate from near zero ( 0 to 0.25%) to the range of 0.25% to 0.5%.  Why the Fed Rate has been in news for more than a year?  The simple answer is that the Fed rate

Federal Reserve System and Fed Rate

Fed Rate and Federal Reserve System have been in news for more than a year. Let us examine what is meant by the terms.  In modern era, Financial Institutions and Banks have emerged as major institutions that have direct bearing on the progress of a country and wellbeing of the citizens. Knowing the importance of