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Cholesterol: Everything You Ought To Know, In A Nutshell

Cholesterol is one of the many substances required by your body to keep you healthy. But, as the blood cholesterol rises, the chances for coronary heart disease increase, which make cholesterol a villain in the eyes of many. Hence, the word cholesterol is often referred in a bad connotation.     What is cholesterol?  

Everything About Blood Pressure And Its Measurement

Heart is the organ that is responsible for pumping blood to other parts of the body, in both humans and other animals. Blood carries out the duties of supplying oxygen and other nutrients to the cells in the body and removing metabolic wastes.      What is meant by blood pressure? Blood is pumped around

25 Simple Email Etiquette, Often Ignored And Forgotten

Etiquette is defined as a prescribed or accepted code of conduct or social behavior. Etiquette has got its relevance in the age of Internet too. Email is one of the highly useful by-products of Internet. The speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness of emails have made it the most convenient and effective way of communication. People