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Hologram and Holography in a Nutshell

What is meant by hologram? A hologram in simple words is a 3D (Three dimensional) picture. This picture, when properly illuminated returns a 3D image. You know that the computer monitor screen, which you are watching right now, is 2D or two dimensional. The two dimensions are (1) length or left to right, and (2)

Energy Conservation And Reduction Of Electricity Bill

Have you ever felt a shock without touching a live wire? Having read the topic, you might have guessed the answer.    Energy conservation has been one of the top agendas for saving the planet as production of energy through various conventional methods lead to green house gas emissions and rising temperature. In fact, home

LED Bulbs: Characteristics And Features

Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs, in the recent past, pushed out traditional incandescent bulbs from the shops, homes and work places. The efficiency in lighting and savings in electricity costs have been two major factors that influenced the change. Now, with more innovations that have taken place in the field

Minerals: Sources And Roles In The Functioning of Body

Vitamins and minerals are two important words made familiar by advertisers promoting heath drinks and foods aimed at kids. Our body requires only tiny quantities of vitamins and minerals. Hence they are called micro nutrients. But both act as a team and play major roles in various functions of the body.     When we

Derive Happiness Without Spending Money

Happiness is the state of being happy. The word happy has two meaning; Feeling of pleasure or contentment and being fortunate and convenient.  The second meaning of happy has made people believe that it is linked to money and power. The old adage clearly states that money cannot buy happiness. We come across many people