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Liftware Spoon: Google smart spoon to make life of Parkinson patients easy.

“Will the Google Smart Spoon improve my life?”, the question crossed the mind of Thomas Jackson last week. Thomas Jackson, from Philadelphia, is one among the estimated 10 million people worldwide who suffer from essential tremors or Parkinson disease.  What caused the question was the launch of Liftware spoons, by life sciences division of Google

Gorilla Glass 4: Good news for smart phone users.

Corning Inc., the market leader in cover glass for portable electronic devices, has come out with Gorilla Glass 4, the latest in the series of Gorilla glasses. Good news for high end smart phone users.   Gorilla glass, the special toughened glass finds its application as cover glass in mobile phones, portable media players and


Have you ever imagined a world in which  the less developed countries in Africa and Asia registering a rapid economic progress compared to the developed nations?  It is possible, says the State of World Population 2014 report, released by UNFPA.    The UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, is an arm of  UN Organization. It was formerly

SAARC and its relevance

SAARC stands for South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation. It is a an organization  of 8 counties in South Asia, similar to EU in Europe and ASEAN in South East Asia,  with secretariat in Kathmandu, Nepal. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,Maldives, Nepal,Bangladesh, Bhutan   and Afghanistan are the  members. The first seven are the founding members.

Hepatitis: Refresh the basics

Hepatitis is the medical condition that causes inflammation of the liver. Most of the cases it goes without much noticeable symptoms. Once affected with hepatitis, the liver is unable to remove harmful substances from the blood. Hepatitis could be of many types – viral, alcoholic, auto immune and many more depending on the underlying cause