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Fruits: Different types and their features

Flowering plants alone produce fruits. Fruits are the result of process of pollination in which pollen is transferred from the male part of a flower to female part of same or a different flower. Fertilization happens and fruits evolve. Fruits come in lots of sizes and shapes.  Flowers start to become fruit when the pollen

Talents are treasures; develop them.

What is your most valuable treasure?  Is it your diamonds, jewels or bank deposits? Have you ever thought of the hidden treasures inside you?  I am speaking about your talents. Talents when properly utlised will enable you to amass wealth and earn name and fame. Talent is an in born quality within a person that

Stay away from comparisons to have a happy life.

Are you always happy? If not, have you ever tried to identify the cause of  your unhappiness. For me, I have identified comparison as the major cause of my unhappiness, comparison of myself with others based on power, financial standing, health and beauty.   The list is not exhaustive, but only indicative.  Your position may

Everyday science: Cosmic rays

Cosmic rays are electromagnetic waves of extremely short wavelengths. They originate from galaxies outside solar system. As the rays are from   outer space or cosmos, they are termed as cosmic rays. The rays consist of protons, alpha particles and positive ions. Almost 85% of cosmic rays are protons. Another 12% are alpha particles. The

Realize own strengths and weaknesses to design destiny

Who or what decides your destiny? Normal answers are family backgrounds, circumstances and luck. Let us examine.  Is there any human being who is perfect? No, otherwise the person becomes equivalent to the creator.  Have you ever heard of anybody with a poor family and financial backgrounds emerged successful in life? There are many, in