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Hormones and glands: Major points you ought to know.

There are three important powerful substances that have control over our activities. They are enzymes, vitamins and hormones. Enzymes are responsible for the chemical reaction that occurs within the cells causing the cells to carry out their function.     Hormones are powerful chemical substances secreted inside our body by glands called endocrine glands.  These

Confidence and Overconfidence: Over is often dangerous.

Confidence is the ability to react to the problems of life with proper understanding and reasoning. Confidence in simple words is the faith in one’s own abilities.  It is a personal trait that makes your presence felt in a group and turns even adverse situations in your favour. The quality takes you to the seat

Nanotechnology: Technology of the future

Nanotechnology is the method of rearranging atoms and molecules and the application of tiny matter for various purposes. Nanotechnology is of recent origin and is termed as the technology of future.  In metric system nano means 0.000000001. In nanotechnology a ‘nanometre’ is a billionth of a metre and objects of these dimensions can be viewed

Hard work: The easiest way to success.

Success is never an accident. It is always the result of determination, proper planning and hard work.  Imagine that you come across a pot of gold coins buried in the ground and that whoever acquires the pot can enjoy the fortune forever.  How will you react? You surely will start digging before anybody else comes

5 Great ideas:Inventions and discoveries of recent origin

We have in the earlier articles seen the great ideas from the first phase of human life till the second half of 20th century. The inventions and discoveries of the   last few years of the 20th century and the first few years of 21st century have totally transformed human life. They have influenced, the way