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Blood type

Have you ever wondered how differently our bodies function? What makes one person like oranges and another, not so much? That even our blood types are different? What makes us eat certain kinds of food, and ignore others? How come when one person diets using fruits and vegetables they lose weight, but when others do,

Bank by street children, for street children

I bet when you were asked, what you would like to be when you grow up, your answer would not be a bank manager at the age of 13. Well, little Sonu is showing kids in general, and adults just the same, how to save money. The street kids of Fatehpuri, Old Delhi, have banded


In economics, inflation is a rise within the common degree of costs of products and products and services in an economic system over a time frame. When the overall worth stage rises, each and every unit of foreign money buys fewer goods and services. consequently, inflation displays a reduction in the buying power per unit of money – a lack of real price within the medium of

Practice makes you perfect

Kaaliya loved to listen when anyone was playing the piano-she thought the music was very pretty and she decided one day that she was going to be a musician. She told this to her parents and they told her that she could do anything she wanted to do as long as she set her mind

Not everything is as it first appears…..

 One day a woodcutter took his grandson into the forest for his first experience in selecting and cutting oak trees. These they would later sell to the boat builders.  As they walked along, the woodcutter explained that the purpose of each tree is contained in its natural shape: some are straight for planks, some have